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18 - 04 - 2017 Pairing Jewelry With Pantone’s Spring Shades

By Brecken Branstrator


Dare I say it? It finally feels like the warm weather is here to stay. (Sorry ahead of time if I just jinxed us.)

I love springtime and how refreshing and rejuvenating it can feel as everyone, especially in New York, finally starts to come out of hibernation and wants to soak up every bit of sun they can get.

I’ve always especially loved the colors of spring. They make me think of the pastel dresses I used to pick for Easter mass and the hidden eggs on hunts or, better yet, in your Easter basket filled with candy.

The colors Pantone predicted would be prevalent this season are vivid versions of the traditional Patek Philippe Nautilus replica watches Easter pastels, providing yellows, pinks and blues that can pack a punch, as well as some more sedated hues.

To celebrate these colors, I wanted to do another blog post where I paired them with gemstones that might complement them well, making for a perfect clothing-accessories color-blocked look. 


20170417 Primrose Yellow

Primrose yellow. This shade is exactly what comes to mind when I think of the warm hues that embody the liveliness of springtime.

A bright, buttery yellow like this would go perfectly with other very vibrant hues, like the energizing pink shades found in spinel, sapphires and tourmaline.





Erica Courtney’s three-stone “Cathedral” ring, featuring 4.88 carats of Mahenge spinel accented with 1.08 carats of diamonds ($40,000)


This heart motif ring from Gumuchian features 0.31-carats of diamonds and a 5.76-carat pink tourmaline set in platinum ($8,000).


20170417 Pale Dogwood

Pale Dogwood. This color is an extension of the “blush” trend that has taken over in fashion and accessories, which is being attributed to millennials, and could even be part of of the “Rose Quartz” influence.

I love the name for its ability to make me think of being home in North Carolina while the trees are in bloom, and I love the color’s soft, subtle hue. I’m pairing it with the whites of moonstone and some quartzes for a clean look.



Syna’s 18-karat yellow gold medium (50-plus carats) moon quartz drop pendant with diamond trim ($2,950 for pendant; $1,650 for 30-inch 18-karat gold link chain)


The Elisha ring from Meredith Marks with moonstone and diamond made in 14-karat rose gold ($2,695)



20170417 Hazelnut

Hazelnut. This is such a crisp, clean neutral that I think it would go best with other neutrals rather than a pop of color.

I imagine with any clothes this color, which makes me think of business wear, they would best be paired with the same crisp light hues of pearls.



Martha Seely’s Cirrus pearl pendant with an 11 mm white cultured pearl and 14-karat yellow gold ($774) hanging from Cirrus seed pearl necklaces in 14-karat yellow gold ($198 each)


This ring from the Beolli for Vitae Ascendere collection features a cultured pearl and diamond pave set in 18-karat rose gold ($5,200).



20170417 Island Paradise

Island Paradise. I love this color. I look at it and instantly think of a warm tropical vacation. (My favorite nail polish is this color, and I will wear it multiple times this summer.)

The idea of color-blocking shades of the same color thrills me, so I would pair Island Paradise with a crisp royal blue or navy blue, which could lead to awesome gems like sapphires, tanzanite and lapis.




This band from Suzy Landa features 10.18 carats of matched marquis blue sapphires set in 18-karat white gold ($23,000).


Jemma Wynne’s trillion tanzanite bangle with diamond accents in 18-karat gold ($4,410)



20170417 Greenery

Greenery. It’s the Color of the Year for 2017! (And National Jeweler also suspects that it is peridot’s way of getting back at spinel for edging in on August.)

It’s a basic color wheel rule here, but I love seeing green paired with the shades on the opposite side like purple, which includes amethyst, some tanzanite and sapphires, among others.



Ayva Jewelry’s Norah ear cuffs with 1.65 carats of amethyst and 0.45 carats of diamonds made in 18-karat white gold ($2,900)


Alison Lou’s “A” stud features purple enamel and amethyst in 14-karat yellow gold ($350 each, sold individually)



20170417 Flame

Flame. I’m a big fan (when it’s done right) of a bright orange-bright pink pairing. If you think wearing clothing with both of those colors might be too much, then having jewelry in one might be a great way to do it.

For bright pink stones, I’m thinking about my all-time favorite, spinel; those beautiful shades of sapphire; and tourmaline.



Buddha Mama’s 20-karat gold Lotus Marquise earrings set with 5.02 carats of pink sapphires and 2.03 carats of diamonds ($14,000)


Jane Taylor’s Cirque square stud earrings with rhodolite garnet and diamonds in 14-karat rose gold ($880)



20170417 Pink Yarrow

Pink Yarrow. Doesn’t this color just instantly make you happy when you see it? I looks like summer, warm weather and vacation daydreaming in one swatch.

With this one, rather than pairing it one with another bright color, I like the idea of putting this striking shade of pink with the no-nonsense look of black to make a statement.



Retrouvai Compass signet ring with onyx, diamonds and an emerald in 14-karat yellow gold ($2,275)

Doryn Wallach’s ball chain bracelet features 0.05 total carats of pave white diamonds and black onyx set in 18-karat yellow gold ($920).

20170417 Niagara

Niagara. This color has got a gray, steely undertone to it that I think could be pulled out really nicely with a similar gray hue, so I decided to pair this swatch with the sheen and beauty of Tahitian pearls.

Other gems that could go well are the very rare, and very cool, gray moonstone, as well as the rather unique look of a gray spinel.



Jordan Alexander Jewelry’s baroque Tahitian pearl necklace in 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds ($4,995)

This necklace from Nigaam features Tahitian pearls, black diamond beads and brilliant-cut diamonds set in 18-karat white gold ($40,000).

20170417 Kale

Kale. The specific color of this swatch looks like a camo or olive green, and I think it just makes sense to pair it with a nice soft brown/tan. 

There are some great stones that can offer a nice brown that’s not too dark or washed out, like zircon or opals, but a brown color palette also provides the opportunity to get into fun minerals like fossils and agate.



K. Brunini Jewels’ single strand of Sawo wood acorns and Jundah opal beads in 18-karat white gold ($17,825)


These 18-karat gold yellow earrings from Pamela Huizenga Jewelry feature cushion-shaped Xaxim fossils (petrified tree fern) weighing 25.96 carats and 0.85 carats of diamonds (price available upon request).

20170417 Lapis Blue

Lapis Blue. The National Jeweler team loved that a gemmy color was so front and center on Pantone’s spring color report.

I think this deep blue goes well with other strong gem tones, so I’m pairing it with the vivid greens found in emeralds, tsavorite and the like.



Sarah Hendler’s double drop Shirley earrings with 13.27 carats of Gemfields Zambian emeralds and diamonds in 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds ($14,500)

These earrings from AG Gems feature 15.98 total carats of emeralds, accented with 1.09 carats of diamonds made in 18-karat white and yellow gold ($22,500).




Source: National Jeweler 17-04-2017


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