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Accessory-making course in Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School

Thanks to the close relationship between the pairing companies and schools, the “Adopt-A-School” Project has been running smoothly since its initiation.

In May 2019, Front Top Jewelry Manufacturer Limited has hosted a two-lesson course for Tack Ching Girls’ Secondary School. Volunteers taught students how to design and make accessories.

HKJJA would like to take this opportunity to thank Front Top Jewelry Manufacturer Limited for the continued support for “Adopt-A-School” Project.


Volunteers comment on students’ drafts.


Students pick suitable materials for making the accessories.


Students are captivated in turning their drafts into real pieces.


2018-2019 “Certificate in Jewellery Business Pioneer – Adopt-A-School Project (QF Level 2)”

The 2018-2019 “Certificate in Jewellery Business Pioneer – Adopt-A-School Project (QF Level 2)” course was accomplished. Students not only learned various basic knowledge of the jewellery industry, but also acquired a Certificate in level 2 from Qualification Framework. We believe this qualification will be a valuable asset for their future study and career development. Thank you for the volunteers’ devotion of teaching our students, we anticipate the coming of next season!


Students learn different kinds of gemstones through playing Scrabble.


Everyone is appreciating the gemstones like an expert.

Let’s show hand with glamour.


Volunteers are proud of the students’ work.

Students learn Jewellery production starting from rope knotting.


Students learn the workflow of jewellery step by step.

Wasted CD-Roms are added value by upcycling into hand-made accessories.


How do we measure the value of gold? Let’s weigh it.

The way of displaying jewellery is an art itself. Creative presentations will surely catch everyone’s eyes.


We find infinite creativity from the students.


Celebration of 50th Anniversary of Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School

There has been a close connection between the pairing companies and schools in the ‘Adopt-A-School’ Project.

Since September 2018, Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd has hosted workshops for Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School to help students design commemorative silver coins and bracelets for the school’s 50th anniversary.

After months of discussions and efforts, the anniversary souvenirs were launched for charity sale at the 50th anniversary celebration in February 2019. Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd fully sponsored the production cost of the silver coins. All proceeds will go to the school for educational purpose.

Taking this opportunity, HKJJA would like to congratulate on the great success of the 50th anniversary of Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School and thank Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd for the tremendous support.


Volunteers Ms. Cherry Cheung and Ms. Connie Lam from Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd teach students from Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School the skills of designing silver coins and bracelets. Outstanding designs will be selected to make the school’s 50th anniversary souvenir.


Ms. Catherine Chan, General Manager of Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, gives valuable advice on students’ works.

Students listen attentively and are ready to apply their creativity soon!


A volunteer answers students’ questions patiently.

A volunteer explains the details of making silver coins and bracelets to the teachers and students.


A student explains her design ideas to the volunteers.

Design drafts of souvenirs reflect students’ thorough thought.


Teachers and students are discussing how to improve souvenir design.

After months of effort, the joy of looking at the souvenirs is beyond words! Special thanks to the great support of pairing company Myer Jewelry Mfr Ltd.


The 50th anniversary of Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School held on 16 February 2019 was a great success! Thanks for having us!


2018-2019 “Elementary Workshop for the Jewellery Industry”

The whole course of 2018-2019 “Elementary Jewellery Workshop” has been fully completed. Apart from volunteers from the jewellery industry, we have also invited fashion designers, artists and bloggers to share their experience with students. This serves as an opportunity for students to learn more about different industries and start their career planning. Thank you all volunteers for their participation and selfless contribution! See you next season!


Can’t take our eyes off the rose rings!


Volunteers are guiding the students attentively.

Students start drafting their dream jewellery.


Gem Q & A! What is the correct answer? “Paper” or “stone”? The students rack their brains.


Come and take a look at our masterpieces!

“Finally done!”


We turn students’ design drafts from the third lesson into real products.

“We nip the cookies with vivid facial expressions and let others feel the joy of eating cookies.”


Students gain inspiration from learning different Zentangle patterns.

We are excited to D.I.Y. at the workshop!


Before crafting the accessories, we first learn the jewellery production flow at the talk.



Correctional Service Department “Rehabilitation Pioneer Project -Green Haven Scheme”

On 12 July 2019, our Association led 20 students to visit the Hei Ling Chau Addiction Treatment Centre under Hong Kong Correctional Service Department (HKCSD)’s Green Haven Scheme. Our students, school teachers, volunteers and staff have visited and acquired the knowledge of Drug Rehabilitation and have shared the personal experience and daily life-style with some rehabilitating offenders. Hope all of us would learn how to adhere a law-abiding and drug-free life as well as supporting & encouraging the offender rehabilitation.





Get to Know Jewellery industry with QF: Team Up to DIY

Our Association was granted with a funding of HKD100,000 by the Qualifications Framework (QF) to organise the “Get to Know Jewellery industry with QF: Team Up to DIY” workshop, which targeted secondary school students on 29 June 2019. The first part of the activity was “DIY Beaded Copper Wire Accessories”, teaching students basic metalworking skills for making DIY accessories. To encourage their lifelong learning spirit, we gave them an introduction on the background of jewellery industry and QF. The second part of the activity was “The Application of Online Platform in Marketing”, to cultivate students’ sense of marketing, we invited Mr Chois Choi, a media consultant, to share his experience of doing online promotion. The students put what they had learned from the sharing into practice by using TikTok to promote the accessories they made in the first part. We would like to send our heartfelt gratitude to Ms Jackie Hau, Senior Manager of QF, all the volunteers, the students and HKJJA staff for their participation in the workshop.




香港社會福利署於9月8日在油麻地中華基督教青年會活動樓舉行「2017 – 2018九龍城及油尖旺區義工嘉許禮」,表揚積極參與社區義務工作的機構。鄭楊惠芬副會長代表本會出席及接受嘉許。



配對學校活動 - 中華基督教會扶輪中學








配對學校活動 - 德貞女子中學

























「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃於7月6 - 7日舉行「兩日一夜參觀國內廠房夏令營」。在周大福的悉心安排下,參觀了周大福珠寶文化中心(順德),觀摩揉合傳統及現代手藝的珠寶製作過程,此外亦遊覽了678 文化街、到訪廣東省雕刻藝術研究會等。












2017-2018「珠寶創業先鋒證書 – 商襄校園計劃(資歷架構二級)」課程


2017-2018年度的「珠寶創業先鋒證書 – 商襄校園計劃(資歷架構二級)」課程已於7月14日完滿結束。學生在12堂課程中認識貴金屬、寶石、鑽石、珍珠、翡翠,以及學習設計、市場學,銷售策略等,除了深入了解不同珠寶的分類及詳細資料,同時也能掌握商業知識及技巧。


















































四名「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃的學員於7月26日至29日期間隨本會理事、會員及職員前往西安進行珠寶展銷會體驗。為增加學生對珠寶展覽的認識,本會更安排他們參與九月香港珠寶首飾展覽會,讓他們對比本地展覽與西安珠寶展之分別,認識展覽會各項工作,從中鍛練待人處事的技巧。



QF帶你進入珠寶業 - 緊急13小時 「面試及職場應變」工作坊










◆冠軍:德貞女子中學 謝穎婷

◆亞軍:樂善堂余近卿中學 周麗淇

◆季軍:中華基金中學 李冬晴









今年「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃有四位同學通過考核,獲本會贊助前往新加坡參加珠寶展體驗之旅。








“Thanks HKJJA for giving me the opportunity to visit the Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2016. This was really an excited and memorable trip as I had never traveled overseas with new friends. During the trip, we learnt how to be independent through making decisions and creating schedules by ourselves. It was also a good chance for us to foster team spirit. Besides, the show was an ideal platform to experience the work of an exhibitor and get to know everything around us. There is no doubt that HKJJA gave us full support to encourage learning. I am sure that the information I obtained in this trip would be useful in the future,” said Lee Man, Tuen Mun Catholic Secondary School.


本會每年與懲教署合辦之「更生先鋒」紀律訓練營,一直是「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃暑期活動的主點項目。今年因颱風關係,原定於8月1日至3日舉行之3日2夜訓練營未能如期進行,實在可惜。






Interview and Workplace Survival” Workshop

The activity has been completed

Activity Name: Get to know Jewellery industry with QF : “Interview and Workplace Survival Workshop”
Organiser: Jewellery Industry Training Advisory Committee
Objective: To enable students to sharpen job interview skills, get a quick look at ‘Qualifications Framework’ and its benefits on skills upgrading and future development, familiarise themselves with jewellery materials and manufacturing processes through making simple accessories, meet more people by making friends with peers from other schools, cope with stress through accomplishing tasks within a designated period, be able to interact with industry veterans
  • The event details are provided by the organiser.
  • The organiser may change the content of the activity if situation warrants.
  • The org aniser will have the final decision on the availability of the proposed activity.
  • Transportation will be arranged by school. No parking space for coaches would be provided.
Deadline: 31 October, 2016

Disclaimer: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region provides funding support to the project only, and does not otherwise take part in the project. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in these materials/events (or by members of the project team) do not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


教育局商校合作計劃2016 / 17 「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃之珠寶業初階工作坊


2016-17學年,本會繼續擔任教育局「商校合作計劃」的伙伴機構,推動學校與工商機構合作。在教育局協助宣傳下,本會將「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃之「珠寶業初階工作坊」推廣至全港中學。




本年度上課日期:2016:11/19, 12/17
2017:2/18, 3/11, 4/29


有關活動詳情,歡迎致電2543 0543 向本會職員黃靜微 (Jamie) 查詢。







教育局商校合作計劃 2015 / 16 與「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃合辦之珠寶業初階工作坊

教育局商校合作計劃2015 / 16 與「商襄校園 親親社群」計劃合辦之珠寶業初階工作坊已於4月16日完成最後一堂。



Taking a Close-Up of Diamond Processing by Visiting a Diamond Factory in China

Visiting a diamond factory in the Mainland between 7th & 8th August is part of a visit schedule for the “Adopt-A-School” Project.


The Helix (Panyu) Diamond & Jewellery Co. Ltd. in Panyu, Guangdong Province hosted this visit for our team of 50 students.  Technicians were deployed to explain to our students the process of material cutting, polishing & etc.  Students were overjoyed to have the chance of observing how their dream stones take shape.


In the evening, at their lodging hotel, students shared their feelings in various contests such as, Photo of the Day, 3-D Picture Contest, and drama contest. 3 guests were invited to share their achievements in studies and career choosing.

By volunteers’ observation, 5 polite and considerate students were elected winners of a discreet Courtesy Campaign.  They were awarded with book coupons as an encouragement.


Thanks to Vice Chairman Mr. Danny Chau, Director Mr. Eric Ho, Committee Members Mr. Victor Yiu, .Mr. Tomly Hui, Volunteers Mrs. Susanna Hui, Ms. Nancy Hui, Mr. Noel Lo and Ms. Susan Man for their assistance to make this training camp successful.



Correctional Service Discipline Camp Features a Positive Concept of Life

To promote “Law-binding, drug free life and support offender rehabilitation” for the 4th time the HKJJA co-organized with the Correctional Service Department two summer camps took place in the periods 20-22 July, and 3-5 August.


A vital point of visits focused at the Lai Sun Correctional Institute at Hei Ling Chau.  Visitors were to interview the young inmates and to have an understanding of their course of rehabilitation and determination of reform.  They also learn more about the sabotage of drugs and importance of law-binding so they could encourage the inmates to accept the rehabilitation.


For the sake of enhancing team spirit, activities like orientation and adventure survival were arranged for the students.


On the last day of the camp, graduation ceremony was in form of a foot drill reviewed by Mr. Leung Chung Chee, Senior Superintendent of Correctional Service, Certificates were distributed to the students in the presence of HKJJA Vice Chairman Mr. Danny Chau and Director Ms. Rebecca Cheng respectively.


Many thanks to Mr. Danny Chau, Ms. Rebecca Cheng, Voluntary helpers Ms. Cherry Cheung and Ms. Ida Wong for their participation; and the warm supports of the Correctional Services which we long to cooperate again in the future.


Overseas Jewellery Exhibition on-site Training

This year 3 students were chosen to under study at the New York JA Show in the USA and the Singapore Jewellery Exhibition; they received some fundamental trainings in the June Hong Kong International Jewellery Exhibition before setting off overseas.


Student CHENG Tsun Hei who was chosen to Singapore expressed that he cherished very much this precious chance which was extremely rare throughout his life.  He stated that his horizon has been much widened and his ability of self-management much strengthened, such experience could be very conducive to his future.

Banquet and Exhibition Experience

HKJJA held a celebration of her 50th Anniversary cum 10th Anniversary of the Adopt-A-School Project on 24th June, 2015 at the Kowloonbay International Trade Conference & Exhibition Centre.


The ceremony began with Miss Eliza Chan the singer and the AASP students with 「Do-Re-Mi」, theme of a famous movie 「The Sound of Music」in the 50’s; signifying the indefatigability of HKJJA in fostering the young generation. Many working posts were taken up by the students, i.e. photographers, table laying & etc.  The stall with a group of students and volunteers making on-site finger rings for guests was the most busy and welcomed by our guests.


Besides, held concurrently with this celebration was the METS 2015 which had also provided the students with opportunities of various jobs, it was believed that students have been benefited from this in terms of human relationship and reception.
Rotary Club Career Expo Plans for Students’ Future

On May 16, our Committee Member Ms. Annie Lam led students of the “Adopt-A-School” Project to visit a Careers Expo 2015 organized by the Rotary International District 3450 at the South Tuen Mun Government Secondary School.


At the event there were 3 sessions of seminars and forum officiated by professionals from various occupations, such as, image and grooming, marketing promotion, event management, cadet pilot, veterinarian and pet grooming.  Students may take this opportunity to understand the development of various occupations, and take this as reference for choosing their future career.





“Adopt-A-School” Project Volunteer Recruitment

“Adopt-A-School” Project Volunteer Recruitment


You are wanted!


Ten years ago we converted our monetary donation into learning opportunities, and so the “Adopt-A- School” Project was born. The success of AASP in the past decade is attributed to our volunteers. Now we sincerely invite you to join our AASP volunteer team, so we can expand it to serve more young people and benefit them with our quality extracurricular education. To thank our volunteers, HKJJA will also present him/her with a Commendation Certificate at our Spring Dinner and nominate him/her to participate in the “Volunteer Movement” launched by the Social Welfare Department. A volunteer who serves for more than 50 hours a year is eligible to receive an Award for Volunteer Service (Individual) issued by the Social Welfare Department. All voluntary programmes are organised from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays at HKJJA office or specific school campus. Your expertise in jewellery could benefit the students as well as contribute to the society. Don’t hesitate, join us now!

Name : Job industry :
Mobile : Email :
Company name :  
Mode of voluntary services
General support, e.g. promotion, liaison
  Sharing my interests / expertise
  Teaching the know-how of my industry
Others (Please specify)

Tel:2543 0543 Fax:2815 0164

(Ms. Jamie Wong, Senior Project Officer)


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