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The Hong Kong Jade & Stone Manufacturers Association (HKJSA, or the Association) was established. The Association was born as a reaction to the embargo imposed by the United States on Hong Kong’s jadeite goods on 5 June 1965, when J. D. McGregor, deputy director of Hong Kong government’s Commerce and Industry Department, put forward a suggestion of building up a united front to negotiate with the U.S. government for lifting the embargo.


The Association was officially registered on 2 July 1965 under the name of ‘The Hong Kong Jade & Stone Manufacturers Association’; and held its first meeting on Wednesday, 22 September of the year.

The eleven founders of the Association were all key personnel of the jadeite industry in terms of promoting exports of jadeite jewellery and jade wares. At the first board meeting Mr. Robert Lee, an all-rounded leader, was elected president of the Association.

Mr. Robert Lee

Hong Kong Gems Co. Ltd.

Mr. Cheung Yui

Kwong Tai Jade

Mr. Lam Wai Yu

Tai Yick Lai Kee Ltd.

Mr. Fong Hung Yiu

South China Art & Gems Co. Ltd.

Mr. Ko To

Sang Tai Jade

Mr. Tsui Leung Fat

Fat Lee Jade

Mr. So Sung Kim

Tai Hang Jade

Mr. Chu Ying Lun

Wing Wah Jade Co. Ltd.

Mr. Chan Loi Hing

Kung Hing Jade

Mr. So Sung Lai

Wo Sang Jade

Mr. Wai Wing Lung

Maxim Jewellery Company




As a result of lobbying efforts of the founders, the U.S. government permitted the export of jadeite and semi-precious stone jewellery carrying certificate-of-origin to the United States. The efforts made by the founders laid the foundation for the Association’s future services for the local jade, gemstone and jewellery industry.


The Association set up its office in a purchased unit in Hang Lung Building, Central. It hence started developing steadily and providing the members with quality services.

The first jadeite jewellery exhibition was held between 23 and 27 September 1968 at the Hong Kong City Hall. It marked the first ever fair of its kind, and it set an example for the development of the jadeite jewellery industry in Hong Kong.
The Association ventured into overseas markets by leading a group of seven member companies to exhibit at the JA New York International Jewelry Show. The successful venture aroused the interest of the California jewellery association which then paid visits to Hong Kong seeking business opportunity. The pioneer move set good example for the local jewellery industry in exploring markets overseas.

The Association held the second Jade & Jewellery Show which was attended by a delegation of the Burmese government.


Apart from making a premiere participation at the JA New York International Jewelry Show in 1969, the Association joined the JA (Jeweler of America) Show in 1971 as well. Since then, the Association has become the fair’s co-organizer of Hong Kong.

Since this year, HKJJA was appointed the co-organizer JA ( Jeweler of America ). Albeit the organizer has changed from time to time, yet HKJJA is still the organizer of Hong Kong exhibitors.  The following are the first 6 companies participating the JA Show in 1971 :

    1.  Sung’s Fuk Tak Co. Ltd.    2.  On Tai Jade
    3.  Tai Yick Lai Kee Ltd.  4.  Far East Gems Co. Ltd.
    5. Po Po Jewellery Company 6.  Tse Shui Lun Jewellery & Crafts Company
to help explore the market in Japan, a carnival named ‘Hong Kong Festival’ was jointly organized by Mitsukoshi Department Store in Tokyo, Japan, and Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Jadeite jewellery was sponsored by the Association.

A slump of confidence in the Hong Kong jade trade was resulted from selling and exportation of fake products. The Association tried to reverse the trend by playing its role in monitoring its members, testing and issuing certificates for exportation of jade products as a way to recuperate buyers’ confidence.


The first special on promoting Hong Kong-made jadeite jewellery was published.

The Association accepted the invitation to visiting a Belgium diamond exhibition. Besides, the Association organized a visit of the delegation from the California Jewelry Retailers’ Association to Hong Kong meeting with the member companies. Apart from maximizing exposure overseas, the Association also worked hard on the popularization of jade products. For instance, by invitation, the Association participated in the Hong Kong Products Expo where jewellery and jade products were shown.

The Association also involved in charity events such as the fund-raising scheme for the Society for the Relief of Disabled Children and charity walk for the Hong Kong Community Chest.


The Association lobbied with the U.S. Consulate and the Industry and Commerce Department for recognition of karat gold and polished jadestones as raw materials of Hong Kong-origin to entitle for preferential export duty


Regular seminars on anti-corruption issues were held by the directors of the Association in cooperation with the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to instill a sense of clean practice among the trade

The Association took the first step entering into the European market by making its presence at the Chicago International Expo in the United States, and at Munich Watch, Clock & Jewellery Exhibition in Germany
Co-organized with the American Travelling Agency to arrange American buyer groups to shop at the Hong Kong Furama Hotel Promotional Show.  In the same year, Hong Kong made jewellery exhibitions were held at various departmental stores cities in Japan.

HKJJA interviewed by the Swedish Jewellery Buyers Association.


Members of the Leading Jewelers Club in the United States led a delegation to Hong Kong, and made orders at the Jade & Jewellery Exhibition organized by the Association at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kowloon. The exhibition was a huge success.

The Association explored the Middle East market through participating in the Dubai International Jewellery Exhibition.

Teamed up with the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Association launched a program called ‘Quality Control in Jewellery’ with the aim at enhancing buyers’ confidence in Hong Kong-made jewellery.


In 1980, the ‘Hong Kong Jewellery’ bilingual magazine, first published in 1979 was permitted to distribute free of charge in all large-scale exhibitions.


As a way to foster a closer tie between each other, a proposal was made by the Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association to form brotherhood with the HKJSA on their visit to Hong Kong.

Founding President Mr. Robert Lee was appointed committee members of the Jewellery Industry Training Authority.


Founding president Mr. Robert Lee passed away. Mr. Cheung Yui became the president of the second term.


The Association organized a group visit participating in the Tucson Fair which marked a milestone of the development of the semi-precious stone industry in Hong Kong.

Co-organized with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Jewellers & Goldsmiths Association, Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, Hong Kong Jewellery Manufacturers Association, and the Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, China Ltd.,  launched the first Hong Kong International Jewellery Exhibition.


Mr. Fong Hung You succeeded Mr. Cheung Yui as the president of the Association till 1995.


The Association sponsored the seminar on “The development of jewellery industry in New York” organized by the Department of Finance of New York and various government departments in Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.


The JA Show relocated the fairground to Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre where welcomed a larger number of exhibitors and exhibits. With the fast-expansion of Hong Kong’s jewellery exports, the demand for exhibition booths at the JA Show exceeded supply.

First participation at the Tucson Show by the GLDA Inc., and accepted non-member exhibitors.

The US government toughened inspection of gold content and hallmark in jewellery produced domestically and overseas. To maintain a good reputation of members, the Association had conducted random inspection of members’ exhibits during fairs. The sampled exhibits were sent for testing in laboratories in the UK after which certificates were issued to members.


Owing to the huge participation from Hong Kong, the entire fourth floor of the Jacob K. Javits Convention Centre, Galleria, was reserved for the Hong Kong participants. During the JA International Jewelry Show held in July, the Association celebrated its 25th anniversary by launching ‘Hong Kong Sparkles in New York’, a gala extravaganza displaying Hong Kong-made jewellery. The event reiterated the importance of Hong Kong-made jewellery for buyers in the United States.


HKJJA made her first debut at the San Diego Jewellery Fair, USA.

The Association kept close touch with various government departments. For instance, the Association organized the ‘Preventive Education Workshop for Jewellery Manufacturing and Related Industries/ Firms’ with the ICAC and three other associations.


To enhance consumers’ confidence in jadeite jewellery and jade products, a delegation from the Jade Committee visited Japan to study the application of infra-red spectrometer on jadeite identification.

The Association supported the HKTDC in organizing a new Hong Kong International Jewellery Show at Kowloon Shangri-la Hotel between 18 and 22 September.


The Association expanded new markets in Europe by taking part into the Iberjoya, the most significant jewellery fair in Spain.

To uphold the prestigious status of Hong Kong as a quality jadeite market place, The Association established The Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd. in September to render certification services to the trade and consumers. To gain the confidence of the trade and the consumers, the laboratory offers a fair, serious and objective service to the clients by not involving in jadeite trading of any kind.

To help promote a favourable trading environment, the Association was obliged to serve in the Jewellery Advisory Committee of the HKTDC and the Jewellery Industry Training Board of the Vocational Training Council.


First participation in the Vicenzaoro Fair in Italy, further exploring markets in Europe.

First participation at the Sharjah Show in every October, Middle East.

A group of 28 exhibitors jointly participated in the JIS Show in Las Vegas, USA.

On 20th September, the 「香港玉石化驗中心」 was renamed Hong Kong Jade & Stone
Laboratory Limited ].


Mr. Cheung Yui, one of our founders and Directors passed away.

Mr. Charles Chan was elected president of the Association.


The Association took part in the JA Winter Show firstly held in Las Vegas, United States; and also exhibited at the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair in Thailand.


The jewellery and jade industry witnessed obvious changes over the last 32 years. In order to cope with the demands from the members, the market and the trade, the Association was renamed ‘Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association (HKJJA)’ in a motion passed during a general meeting of all the members. The new name was announced to the public at a 32nd anniversary celebration event.

HKJJA accepted an invitation from the Yunnan municipal government to a trade visit which gave birth to the ‘Yunan Jade Mission’.

Interview arranged with Beijing officials, preparing for setting foot on the China market.


The participation in the Vicenza Fair, Italy, in 1994 laid a good foundation to a cordial partnership between HKJJA and the organizer of the fair. In September, while the organizer led a team visiting Hong Kong, they concluded a long-term deal with the Association. Since then, HKJJA has become the exclusive agent of the Hong Kong pavilion for VicenzaOro I, II and Orogemma fairs.

Under the agreement reached by directors, HKJJA took over the 20-year Hong Kong Jewellery magazine in December, and appointed the owner of the magazine HKJJA’s general manager who was mainly responsible for re-structuring the association and enhancing the scope of services. In order to reinforce the tie among members, HKJJA moved its premises from Hang Lung Building in Central to Kaiser Estate Phase I, Hunghom in Kowloon in November. The office in Central became the office of the Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd.


HKJJA launched the ATA Carnet and Rapid Prototyping Service in order to upgrade the trade’s technological know-how.

HKJJA established a centre for jewellery CAD Design and prototype production to provide related services for members.

The HKJJA was granted the sole agency of the Hong Kong pavilion for the G.L.D.A. Las Vegas Gems & Jewelry Show.

Co-organized with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Hong Kong Jewellers & Goldsmiths Association Ltd., Diamond Federation of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jewellery & Jade Manufacturers Association, jointly launched the first Hong Kong Jewellery Design Contest.

HKJJA co-organized the ‘Taipei-Hong Kong Jade Design Contest’ with Taiwan, the event kicked start the jadeite competition every two years.

HKJJA was granted the Hong Kong agent of the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Show in Thailand at a simple but formal signing ceremony.

Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd. was interviewed by Channel 1 of Radio Hong Kong, giving details on A, B, C & B+C categories of jade and other related matters.

Mr. Fong Hung You, former president (1985-1995) of the HKJJA, passed away in December.


HKJJA offered balanced development opportunities to members. A cooperation scheme was launched in April with the Hong Kong Jewellery Technology & Management Association (HKJTMA) in organizing a number of related courses for trade fellows who reacted with overwhelming support.

HKJJA organized a Hong Kong pavilion in May exhibiting at the International Jewellery Dubai which was ended with great success.

the 25th Council of Management election was held on 29 June. Mr. Charles Chan JP was elected president for the third term.

In August, president of HKJJA was invited to deliver a speech on ‘Platinum Manufacturing Technology’ at the APEC 2000 International Jewellery Conference in Melbourne, Australia, under the auspices of the Jewellers Association of Australia.

HKJJA organized a Hong Kong pavilion making its debut exhibition at the Japan Jewellery Fair in August.

HKJJA held the 35th anniversary charity dinner during the fair period of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair. As being a responsible member of the community, HKJJA decided to organize charity events every five years.


It is a year of establishing contacts with mainland China. Apart from exchanging experience in the gold business with the Beijing Gold Economic Center, paying visits to Shenzhen (Shenzhen Jewellery Association), Panyu and Huadu, HKJJA also participated in the “Seminar on Strengthening the Development and Markets of the Gold, Platinum and Diamond Jewellery Industry” in Beijing.

Shanghai City is a significant commercial hub in China. HKJJA organized ‘A Meeting of Shanghai-Hong Kong Fraternities’ which was made present by major jewellers and manufacturers in the city. The meeting laid the foundation of further cooperation between two cities.

A HKJJA-led pavilion participated in the Shanghai International Branded Jewellery Invitational Show. Organizers of the fair, Shanghai City Tourism Management Committee and Pudong District People’s Government, and the co-organizer Shanghai Jewellery Association attached great importance to the event.

The HKJJA made its debut at Dubai’s new airport opening jewellery fair “Jewellery Shopper” in the Middle East.

In order to protect the interest of the trade and the consumers, the HKJJA and Jadeware Traders Industry & Commerce Association Ltd set up a testing laboratory in Canton Road. The guest-of-honour Mrs. Selina Chow JP, chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board, officiated at the opening ceremony.


HKJJA was appointed the regional organizer of the first Greater China Trophy for International Jadeite Jewellery Design Competition. Other organizers included Gemmological Association of China, Shanghai Gem & Jade Association, Chinese Gemmological Association and Macau Goldsmith’s Guild. The competition received overwhelming supports.

Under an agreement reached between HKJJA and a trade delegation from Korea on 2 September 2002, HKJJA became the Hong Kong agent of the first Korean Jewellery Show held from 28 to 31 August 2003.

On 26th September, a solidarity dinner ‘Hong Kong International Jeweller’s Gala Evening’ was first organized at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre by HKJMA and HKJJA with Mr. Tang Ying Yen Henry, JP the then Secretary for Commerce, Industry & Technology Bureau as the Honorable Guest with a view to strengthen members’ confidence and faith.

HKJJA took part in the election of [Election of FPVC(Hon)] and [Promotion of APVC] projects by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation & Vocational Qualifications. 

In the 28th Election, Mr. King Li was elected Chairman and Mr. Charles Chan extended his tenure as the President.

Project Title: Enhancement of Hong Kong Jewellery Industry’s Competitiveness by Developing a Professional Best Practice Manual of Gems Material Security, Manufacturing Processes and Quality Management Through Process Standardization and Quality Benchmarking.】


Under the subsidy of the SME Development Fund (SDF), HKJJA developed a set of four books of Technical Instruction of Jewellery Manufacturing and ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Through Process Standardization Sample Document (jewellery manufacturing techniques (with CD-Rom), quality manual sample, work instruction sample, operation procedure sample) to reinforce occupational safety, craftsmanship and quality management by means of process standardization and best practice referencing. HKJJA has applied for more funds to introduce innovative technology to the industry.


Under the great support of Vicenzaoro organizer, Hong Kong pavilion became the only international pavilion occupying its own exhibiting area. A brief but formal opening ceremony was held at the fairground.

Mr. Charles Chan JP, president of HKJJA, gave a speech on the development of Hong Kong jewellery industry at the Forum on the Development of Beijing Jewellery Industry.

The HKJJA made its debut exhibition at the Korea International Jewellery & Watch Show.

On 18th September, another solidarity dinner ‘Hong Kong International Jeweller’s Gala Evening’ was again jointly hosted with HKJMA at the Hong Kong Conrad Hotel with Mr. Yeung Lap Mun, the then Permanent Secretary of the Hong Kong Bureau for the Commerce, Industry and Technology as the Honorable Guest.

HKJJA received a fund from the Innovation and Technology Commission for its project “Development of Pulse Tube Refrigerating (PTR) Cryogenic Technology for Fine Gold and High Karat Gold Jewellery”. HKJJA had the chance to study Pulse Tube Refrigerating Machines under the arrangement of Hong Kong Productivity Council during a study mission to India in July.


To maintain Hong Kong’s position as an international jadeite centre, HKJJA, supported by CMP Asia Ltd, launched the ‘A Jade-only’ Jadeite Gallery at the world-renowned Hong Kong Jewellery & Watch Fair. Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory offered jadeite testing service on-the-spot.

The long-awaited premiere JANY Special Delivery Show in October was expected to help boost orders prior to the Christmas season.

Mr. Charles Chan, president of the HKJJA, was appointed chairman of HKTDC Jewellery Advisory Committee.

HKJJA took part in the SME’s Mentorship Programme assisting the SMEs in meeting the market demand for good management.


HKJJA sent separate groups to Shanghai and South Africa for study missions.

Mr. King Li, Chairman of HKJJA, was appointed as the head of Committee of Skills Upgrading Scheme-Jewellery Task Group of Education Bureau.

In August the HKJJA organized its first pavilion exhibiting at a jewellery fair in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

On 22nd September, another ‘Hong Kong International Jewller’s Gala Evening’ dinner was jointly hosted with HKJMA at the Hong Kong Conrad Hotel with Mr. Tang Ying Yen Henry, JP, the then Secretary for Finance as the Honorable Guest.

Commission on Poverty invited HKJJA to be a trial unit of Adopt-A-School Project (AASP). The offer had the unanimous agreement of Council of Management of HKJJA. The project serves as a channel bridging communications between companies and schools to establish a partnership through which students are able to acquire knowledge beyond the classroom and broaden their horizons.

HKJJA started to pay attention on educational developments other than AASP. In this year, the association sponsored 20 students (HK$2,000 tuition for each) to participate in ‘Jewellery and the Body’ seminar and design workshop held by Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE). Meanwhile, the association also subsidized individual members to join independent seminars (HK$100 per person per seminar). The workshop and seminars received high praises from the students and members.

HKJJA raised money and donated HK$100,000 for the South Asia disaster. The association also collected money from member companies and donated HK$220,000 to World Vision Hong Kong as a relief fund.

HKJJA co-hosted a charity banquet with Fiera di Vicenza on 24 September at Hong Kong Grand Hyatt Hotel, celebrating HKJJA’s 40th anniversary. Money raised at the event was donated to Poverty Alleviation Fund of Liberal Party, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong.

In March, Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd (HKJSL) was HOKLAS-certified by Hong Kong Accreditation Service with ISO/IEC:17025 accreditation.


HKJJA helped charity organizations to appraise and sell donated jewellery. The Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, a recipient of many jadeite jewellery pieces, was in need of assistance in authentication. HKJJA’s Council of Management agreed unanimously to offer free authentication and appraising services for charities. We also sold the jewellery on behalf of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, with all revenue returned to Tung Wah.

HKJJA was entrusted the task of giving away sample books of Guidance of Jewellery Making and Document of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System as a gift after a briefing session on 27 April. The handbook is an ISO process manual, published by Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund (SDF) of Trade and Industry Department.

The Quality-Assurance-Program (QAP) was enforced at all oversea exhibitions co-organized by HKJJA. It aims at maintaining the edge of Hong Kong jewellery on the export markets. The program conducts random inspections on exhibits, to check whether they were in line with the tag contents, including gold fineness and diamond weight.

Project Title: Feasibility Study of Instant Synthesis of Gemstone-graded Colored Corundum Using a Powder Sintering Approach.】
‘Feasibility Study of Instant Synthesis of Gemstone-graded Colored Corundum Using a Powder Sintering Approach’ was approved by Innovation and Technology Commission (Innovation and Technology Fund).

Financial Secretary Henry Tang visited YLPMSAA Tang Siu Tong Secondary School on 14 July, to check the progress of “Adopt-A-School” Project.

On 20th September, another ‘Hong Kong International Jeweller’s Gala Evening’ dinner was jointly hosted with the HKJMA at the Hong Kong Conrad Hotel with Mr. Tang Ying Yen Henry, JP, the then Secretary for Finance as the Honorable Guest.

HKJJA supported ‘Jewellery Integrity Campaign’ launched by Hong Kong Customs, together with Hong Kong Jade Association. We also supported and attended the conference on ‘Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism’ held by the Customs.

HKJJA signed contract with World Gold Council this year, and secured the copyright to translate books published by us. The six books we translated are as follows:

  • Handbook on Investment Casting (The lost wax casting process for carat gold jewellery manufacture) by Valerio Faccenda, published in May 2003)
  • Technical Manuel for Gold Jewellery (A Practical Guide to Gold Jewellery Manufacturing Technology – by Dr. John C. Wright
  • Handbook on Casting and Other Defects (In Gold Jewellery Manufacture) – by Dieter Ott – Published in November 1997/Reprinted in 2001)
  • Handbook on Soldering and Other joining Techniques (In Gold Jewellery Manufacturer) by Mark F. Grimwade – Published in January 2002
  • Handbook on Finishing (In Gold Jewellery Manufacture)- by Dr. Valerio Faccenda – Published in January 1999
  • The Assaying & Refining of Gold – A Guide for the Gold Jewellery Producer – Published in April 1997.

HKJJA launched the ‘Online Forum’ on the official website, allowing people in the jewellery trade to freely post important and up-to-date information related to the industry.

The two Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratories merged into one and relocated to the present premises at 1401-2, Chow Sang Sang Mansion at No. 229, Nathan Road, Kowloon.


The Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd. became independent.

HKJJA started hosting annual Spring Dinner, treating and gathering all members for Chinese New Year celebration.

Participated in an open forum of [Intellectual Property Right Protection] at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre organized by the Hong Kong Custom & Excise Department.

Assisted the Oxfam to operate a charitable rice selling booth; and won the 2nd runner-up in rice group sale. Began to sponsor the Evangelist Home of Children.

Signed a Co-operation memorandum with the Pangyu Jewellery Manufacturers Association in a bid to strengthen co-operation, exchange experience, and improve service to members.

On 27th September, jointly hosted a ‘Hong Kong International Jeweller’s Gala Evening’ dinner with the HKJMA at the Hong Kong Conrad Hotel with Mr. John Tsang Chun-wah, GBM, JP., Secretary for Finance as the Honorable Guest.


HKJJA organized its own ‘Jewelry Trade Show at Hilton New York’ at Hilton Hotel, the United States between 26 to 28 of January, reaping a rich harvest.

Spring Gathering Dinner held at Hong Kong Royal Plaza Hotel on 16th February for our members.

Small size certificates launched at its 15th Anniversary by HKJS Laboratory.

Charity is always in the heart of Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers. HKJJA raised money from Hong Kong exhibitors at Vicenzaoro, when earthquake hit Sichuan, China. A sum of 8,000 euros collected at the show was immediately deposited into the Milan bank account of the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in Italy. In addition to this, HKJJA also donated HK$1,396,928 to the disaster. In this year, HKJJA donated HK$100,000 to Red Cross as a relief fund for Myanmar.

To organize language courses for members and employees covering Italian, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin.

In September HKJJA tested and estimated value for a lot of jade jewellery donated to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals for charity sale at the ‘Jadeite Gallery’ during the jewellery exhibition; the proceed was totally handed over to Tung Wah.

On 19th September, jointly hosted a ‘Hong Kong International Jeweller’s Gala Evening’ dinner with the HKJMA at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong with Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Labour & Welfare Department as the Honorable Guest.

HKJJA President Mr. Charles Chan was decorated with a Bronze Bauhinia medal (BBS) by the HKSAR government.

Mr. King Li, Advisor and Director of the HKJJA, was elected as Chairperson of Jewellery Industry Training Advisory Committee of Qualifications Framework.

HKJJA sent a delegation to Dalian and Qingdao for study mission from 8 to 11 October.

Purchased the current premises at Unit A, 12/F., Kaiser Estate Phase I, Hunghom as permanent office.

Nominated by Oxfam and Evangelist Home for Children as a ‘Caring Company’; and was awarded a ‘Caring Organization’ label by the Council of Social Service (HKCSS) for the charities done.

Mr. Billy Lau was elected Chairman of the 29th year; Mr. Charles Chan’s tenure as President continued.


Spring Dinner hosted on 7th February at Spotlight Recreational Club, Whampao with Mrs. Cherry Tse Ling Kit-ching, JP, current Secretary for Food & Health as Hon. Guest.

Compromised with the HKJMA to cease hosting the ‘Hong Kong International Jeweller’s Gala Evening’ dinner in the finance recession period.

With the HKJMA, jointly requested UBM Asia to waive the exhibition fee of exhibitors for the 2009 Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair as an aid during the crises triggered by the American Finance Industry.  Eventually UBM granted HKD one million to reimburse the exhibitors in concern.

HKJJA held the first Sales Day during Labor Day golden week from 30 April to 9 May, participated by 20 exhibitors who expressed satisfaction. There were 21 booths.

The following missions were organized by HKJJA in China in the corresponding periods:

13-17 Nov: Zhendo and Chongxin;
18-20 Oct:  Shenyang Jewellery Plaza;
4-5 Sept: Shenzhen Jewellery Industry Zone & Shihui and Pengzhou Jade Wholesale/Dawn Markets;
2-16 May: Shanghai and Wuhan markets

HKJJA organized a ‘To Know Jewellery & Jade” activity at the Administrative Officers’ Club; attended by 50 AOs.

HKJJA purchased another unit at 1A, Kaiser Estate Phase I, HungHom for investment purpose.

Mr. Benedict Sin, the then Vice Chairman was awarded one of the Hong Kong Young Industrialists.

HKJJA was awarded with the year’s Caring Organization Logo by Hong Kong Council of Social Service, as a recognition of our long-term commitment to charities and community caring.


HKJJA held the 45-year anniversary charity dinner at Intercontinental Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui on 24 February (11th day of the first lunar month on Chinese calendar), with fund raised donated to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.

HKJJA donated HK$200,000 to the relief account of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong SAR, as a relief fund for Yushu earthquake disaster in Qinghai province. The association also donated HK$20,000 to Wong Fuk Wing Charity Fund on behalf of HKJSL.

HKJJA was once again the champion in Ordering Oxfam Rice (Organization Category) in Oxfam Rice Sale.

The Hong Kong Small & Middle Enterprises Association launched a [Partner Employer Award] Project to compliment enterprises which exercised their duties towards the community by employing new graduates as apprentices.  HKJJA was invited as one of the working partners.

Supported by the HK Custom & Excise Dept.,a summer discipline camp was scheduled for students of the AASP at Tai Lam Custom & Excise Training School with a hope to shape up students’ self-discipline, confidence, ability to handle stress, and to strengthen their ability of inter-personal communication.

HKJJA organized Xi’an Study Mission from 14 to 17 April, and sent a mission group to Panyang jewellery market to seek business opportunities from 4 to 7 August. The association also visited National Gemstone Testing Centre (Shenzhen) on 9 February, to gain an insight into the laboratory operation and management in China.

HKJJA was the silver awardee in Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program held by Hong Kong Productivity Council.

The Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd. was appointed one of the committee members of [Panel on Promoting, Testing & Certification Services in Jewellery Trade] under Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification.

 Side by side with the HKJMA, the HKJJA again acted on behalf of the jewellery industry of Hong Kong, strived for a reasonable exhibition charge from the UBM Asia.  However, UBM Asia only granted HKD one million to reimburse the exhibitors under the two associations, and expressed explicitly the same request would not be entertained after 2011.

HKJJA waived 2009/2010 annual membership fee amidst the global economic slump. The fee exemption costed the association HK$990,600.00 but benefited 231 Full Member companies, 128 Associate Member companies, and 3 Corporate Member companies. Refund to Full Member companies participating at the JA shows in the United States during January to December, Fiera di Vicenza in Italy in January, May and September, which cost HK$2,002,228.00 and benefited 139 Full Member companies.

HKJJA organized ‘J Runner’ to keep runners fit in preparation for the Charity Marathon held by Standard Chartered on 20 February 2011.

HKJJA organized a [AASP Volunteer Team] and suggested our volunteers to participate in a [Best Corporate Volunteer Service Project Competition] launched by the Social Welfare Department, as a compliment of our volunteers for the time and effort they contributed in the past 5 years.

The AASP by HKJJA was awarded with the [ Special Silver Award for Non Profit Distributing Bodies」contest launched by the Hong Kong Productivity Council in a「Hong Kong Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award」sponsored by the China Bank, Hong Kong.

In the name of AASP, HKJJA joined the contest for logo awards sponsored by Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCI) and won for the first time the logo ‘We Unite for a Better World- Better World Organization’ and the ‘Best Partner Prize in United Nations Millennium Development Goals’.


HKJSL was accredited with the logo ILAC-MRA (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation Mutual Recognition Arrangement) by Hong Kong Accreditation Service. The logo enhanced acceptability of HKJSL-issued certifications, and further improved recognition.

HKJSL initiated an online report-checking system, allowing customers to quickly and conveniently check certifications through www.jadeitelaboratory.com.hk , to confirm that the information on the report matches with what is archived in the HKJSL report database.

Employees Retraining Board elected Mr. King Li, Advisor and Director of HKJJA, as technical advisor for the watch and jewellery industry to engage in ERB’s course development and quality guarantee work of Manpower Development Program.

World Gold Council Gold Bulletin was translated into Chinese and published. Print run: 1,000 copies. Also published was the Chinese version of Technical Manual For Gold Jewellery - A Practical Guide to Gold Jewellery Manufacturing Technology. The first copy of World Gold Council Gold Bulletin was published in this year.

On 18th February, HKJJA hosted a Spring Dinner at the Langham Hotel, Mong Kok with Mrs. Cherry Tse Ling Kit-ching, JP, the then Permanent Secretary for Education as the Honorable Guest.

On 20th February, our Directors and members took part in the [SME Marathon Cup] and the [SME Charity Chairman Cup] competitions; HKJJA also donated on behalf of all our participants to the [Seeing is Believing] universal charity program; whereas the Standard Chartered Bank forwarded all the donation to Orbis.

HKJJA joined Preparation Committee and Planning Committee in Recognition of Prior learning of jewellery in Vocational Training Council.

HKJJA joined Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and became a voluntary mentor in SME Mentorship Program.

Joined the [Caring Company] campaign as a Coral Member.

‘Xiamun and Fuzhou Jewellery Market Mission’ was launched between 9th & 12th May, 2011.

Between 19th & 22nd August, the Hong Kong Pavilion by HKJJA made her first debut at the 14th Surabaya International Jewellery Exhibition in Indonesia.

Between 21st & 26th August, a research mission was launched at Shenyang, Changchun and Harbin in Northern China; the mission was much honoured by the attendance of Mr. Lin Tian Fu, Director of the HKTDC and the Vice-Secretary Mr. Sun of Heilongjiang Province at the dinner hosted by HKJJA.

In September the HKJJA participated in the 7th Harbin vs Russia Export Exhibition at the Champion Sports Exhibition Centre, Vladivostok, Russia as invited by the Harbin Commerce Chamber. Promotional pamphlets of our members and exhibit leaflets of 11 member companies were distributed at scene.

A JA Special Delivery Chicago was held by the JA Organizer at McCormick Place, Chicago between 30th 0ct and 1st Nov; HKJJA solicited members to the HK Pavilion at a preferential price.

A team of 6 visited the Ukraine Jewellery Show between 16th & 19th November., and distributed some members’ pamphlets as a promotion; after the show, took the opportunity to interview some local jewelers and visit some jewelry shops.  Ukraine possessed a fairly good financial atmosphere, but not an ideal political coverage.

HKJJA won the first runner-up (Organization Group) at the 0xfam Charitable Rice Sale.

First issue of the JJA Newsletter published, allowing members and fellow traders to have a clear picture of our activities.

iPad edition of [Hong Kong Magazine] launched in September, readers can browse the past issues as well.

Myanmar Gems and Jewelry Entrepreneur Association delegation visited HKJJA on 20 December. We shared opinions and suggestions about cooperation in business development. The encounter strengthened bilateral understanding of each other’s jewellery market.

HKJJA won Community Engagement Award Certificate of Excellence in HSBC Living Business Award 2011. The ceremony was staged by the Preparatory Committee of HSBA Living Business Award Project.

In the name of AASP, HKJJA won once again the logo ‘We Unite for a Better World - Better World Organization logo’ and ‘Best Partner Prize in United Nations Millennium Development Goals’.

The year saw HKJJA starting training courses and activities in AASP, open to children and relatives of directors, members and employees.

HKJJA planned to implement the [Business Pioneer] Project under the AASP first at the Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial School when the new school term started in September.

The Volunteer Team of the AASP was awarded with a [Gold Commendation in Voluntary Work] by the SWD.


Together with the HKJMA, HKJJA participated in the 15th  Standard Chartered [SME Marathon] Chairman Cup Competition with 104 runners on 5th February; and the winner was our Chairman Mr. Billy Lau.  A donation of $21,000- from both associations won the Highest Award of the Chartered SME Donation.

On 23rd February, HKJJA hosted a spring dinner at the Palace Restaurant, The One in Tsim Sha Tsui with Mrs. Cherry Tse Ling Kit-ching, JP, the Permanent Secretary for Education as the Honorable Guest.

HKJJA participated in a Hong Kong Trendy Product Expo 2012 between 28th April and 2nd May jointly organized by the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong and the Wuhan City at the Wuhan Convention and Exhibition Centre; at the same time, conducted a research mission.

Mrs. Cherry Tse Ling kit-ching, JP, Permanent Secretary for Education and Mr. Cheung Ming Chau, Senior Course Development 0fficer visited the Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial School and sat in the [Business Pioneer Course] lecture.

To enhance the recognition of training courses in AASP, HKJJA chose the Business Pioneer Programme part of the courses to apply for recognition with Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualification (HKCAAVQ).  The association had the courses re-named as “Adopt-A-School” Project - Jewellery Business Pioneer Practical Courses. After assessment, HKJJA became the first association capable of offering courses for secondary students recognized by the Qualifications Framework. When students complete 54 hours of study and pass an assessment, they receive a Level 2 Module Certificate recognized by the Qualifications Framework.

Representatives of the Hong Kong Custom & Excise Dept. visited HKJJA on 20th June for briefing on the [Hong Kong Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Programme.

HKJJA was invited to join the 1st ASEAN+6 Gems and Jewelry Presidents’ Summit held in Thailand on 14 September. Charles Chan, President of HKJJA, gave a speech on behalf of Hong Kong jewellery industry.

HKJJA was invited by Vietnam Gemstones Jewellery & Artcraft Association to visit Hanoi from 10 to 13 October. In regard to co-organising exhibitions with HKJJA in Hanoi, the Vietnam association promised to spare no efforts in securing favourable taxes for Hong Kong.

On 28th October, a seminar about business opportunity at Poland Turkey was organized. Professional economists were invited to introduce the economic atmosphere of the Middle and Eastern Europe; and to analysis chances for HK merchants to explore markets thereof; some HK jewellers were invited to share their experiences at Poland.

HKJJA participated at Jeweller Expo Ukraine from 14 to 17 November 2012 at Expo Plaza exhibition center in Kiev. The association helped member companies distribute leaflets, and held a seminar to introduce Hong Kong jewellery industry.

HKJJA won Community Engagement Award Certificate of Excellence in HSBC Living Business Award 2012. The association defeated 260 organizations to triumph the Gold Award with a prize of HK$60,000. In addition, HKJJA was once again awarded the logo ‘We Unite for a Better World – Better World Organization’ and the ‘Best Partner Prize in United Nations Millennium Development Goals’, proving that the year-to-year efforts we made to fulfill company social responsibility paid off.

The first support from the Correctional Services was a 3 day/2 night training camp for the AASP.  It aimed to foster one’s self discipline, and confidence and to impart youngsters with a strong concept of law-abiding, drug-free, and rehabilitation.

The AASP Volunteer Team was awarded with a [Voluntary Work Golden Award] by the SWD.

HKJJA won a 2nd-runner up award in Group Rice Sale (Organization Group), Oxfam Charity Sale.


Mr. Benedict Sin was elected Chairman; Mr. Charles Chan’s tenure as President extended.

Director Mr. King Li’s tenure as Consultant in Clock & Watch and Jewellery Techniques by the [Employee Retraining Board ] extended for another 2 years.

The Tucson GLDA Jewelry Exhibition was launched between 4th & 10th February 2013 at JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa Hotel.  HKJJA’s Hong Kong Pavilion was first established there for exploring market in the South West USA for her members.

On 15th March, HKJJA 31st Board of Directors Inauguration Ceremony & Spring Dinner were held at the Golden Mile Holiday Inn Hotel at Tsimshatsui with Mr. John Tsang, Secretary for Finance as the Honorable Guest; also in attendance was Ms Cherry Ling, Permanent Secretary for Education.

The logo of [JJA Certificate] was officially patented; henceforth certificates and relevant promotional matters issued by the Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory will be printed with the said logo.

To cope with market demand, the HK Jade & Stone Laboratory is further equipped with a Gem Testing Machine – GEM3000 for testing bare stones or embedded stones, and can efficiently authenticate gold pearls, black pearls, diamonds ( with CVD, HPHT, Ia, IIa contents ), rubies, red coral, Fei Tsui and turquoise .

Together with the HKJMA, HKJJA entered the SME Marathon Cup and the SME Chairman Cup with 106 runners held on 24th February by the Standard Chartered Bank as a charitable fund raising campaign for 0rbis; once more she won the awards of the Highest Team Participation, and Highest Team Donation.  The total donation was $24,000-  Furthermore, the致藝珠寶有限公司 team won the 2nd runner-up among all teams in the competition.

Consular officer of Malaysia Consulate in Hong Kong visited HKJJA’s Hung Hom office, and exchanged thoughts about the gems and jewellery industry in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

On 17 June, the association and some industry stakeholders were invited by the Hong Kong office of the US Department of Economy and Politics to meet up with Peter E Harrel, Vice Assistant Secretary in Economic and Business Affair as he wanted to listen to the opinions of Hong Kong jewellery players on Kimberley Process about rough diamonds. Harrell took the opportunity to introduce the establishment and responsibility of the Multi-Stakeholder Working Group.

Mr. King Li was decorated with a MH (Medal of Honour) by the HKSAR government.

Chairman Mr. Benedict Sin was appointed chairman of the [Jewellery Industry Consultation Committee] of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

The 2nd ASEAN+6 Gems and Jewelry Presidents’ Summit was held at the Impact Challenger in Bangkok on 7th September, HK was represented by Mr. King Li, Consultant to the HKJJA Directors Committee and Mr. Billy Lau, Consultant & Director.  A working group was formed by representatives of Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand.

On behalf of the HK jewellery industry, Mr. King Li attended the Chief Delegates of ASEAN Jewellers Association conference organized by the Singapore Jewellers Association during the Singapore Jewellery Exhibition.  The 9 countries attending the conference pledged to uphold the jewellery trading of the ASEAN to become an economic commune in 2015; and an united market and production base.

Education Bureau and the Scotland Qualifications Framework held a two-day QF conference on ‘Global Mobility – Making it Happen’ at Hong Kong government’s headquarters. HKJJA was invited to attend the conference and introduce the “Adopt-A-School” Project – Jewellery Business Pioneer Practical Course.

The first batch of students from the AASP graduated from the [Jewellery Business Pioneer Practical Course] .

In October, HKJJA joined Youth Career Exploration Project co-organized by Hang Seng Bank and Hong Kong Council of Social Service, invited by HKCSS. The project offered activities such as career exploration scheme, workshop for personal development, group project competition, and work experience. We introduced local jewellery industry to young people and assisted them to explore their interests and potentials.

The HKTDC Prag and Warshaw Jewellery Mission between 22nd & 28th September was headed by Mr. Benedict Sin (Chairman of the Jewellery Industry Consultation Committee, TDC)

HKJJA was the second runner-up in Ordering Oxfam Rice (Organization Category) in Oxfam Rice Sale for two consecutive years 2012 and 2013. The year also witnessed the association getting the Oxfam Corporate 3 Years Award.

[The AASP Voluntary Team] was award the gold commendation certificate by the SWD for the 3rd consecutive year.

HKJJA’s application for the ‘Global Caring Enterprise’ logo of the [Junior Youth Chamber International Hong Kong ] was approved.


HKJJA succeeded in its application for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund sponsored by Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs. The fund was used to subsidise “Hong Kong Jewellery Glittering in Italy” held at Hong Kong Pavilion at Vicenzaoro.

A series of publicity activities namely, [Hong Kong Jewellery Glittering in Italy] of the [Hong Kong Week] has been in operation since January 2013.  It was an operation implemented for the purpose of uplifting the image of Hong Kong jewellery industry and securing its current status in the last Hong Kong Pavilion showcasing in the Sept 2014 Vicenzaro Jewellery Show and before the [Hong Kong Pavilion] moved back to the main hall.  This activities were launched not merely for exploring business opportunities for Hong Kong jewellers, but to introduce the Hong Kong culture of special cuisine and traditions to Europe countries.  In this specific period, exhibition visitors were expected to retain a deep impression by the Hong Kong Pavilion.

HKJJA defended its championship for Highest Team Participation and Highest Team Donation with HK$30,900 donation at Standard Chartered SME Marathon Cup. HKJJA also won the Second Runner-up Combination of the SMEs Chairman Cup held by Standard Chartered.

On 20th February within the Chinese New Year Period, an annual spring dinner was hosted by HKJJA at the Royal Plaza Hotel, Kowloon with Mrs. Cherry Tse Ling kit-ching, JP, the Permanent Secretary for Education as the Guest of Honour.

HKJJA was the second runner-up in Ordering Oxfam Rice (Organization Category) in Oxfam Rice Sale.

Mr. King Li, Advisor of HKJJA, invited by Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, attended Business Corporations Conference, and gave a speech on the development progress of the association and shared the experience of helping small and medium member enterprises to explore market opportunities.

An exhibition Team was organized by HKJJA to participate in the Hong Kong Trendy Product Show organized by the Chinese Manufacturers Association in Hong Kong at the – Zhongxin Industry Exhibition with Mr. Gregory So, Director of Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau as the Guest of Honour at the 0pening Ceremony.

HKJJA declared its debut of METS – Machinery, Equipment, Technology and Supplies for Jewellery & Watch Industry. METS covers the entire production process encompassing all sorts of precision jewellery and watch making machinery, which focus purely on new machinery, technology, supplies and service within the jewellery and watch industry. The first exhibition was held at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, 25-28 June 2014.

The 3rd ASEAN+6 Gems & Jewelry Presidents’ Summit was staged at Bangkok on 10th September, HKJJA was represented by Vice Chairman Mr. Albert Hui.

HKJJA welcomed Consul and Trade Commissioner at Consulate Thailand in Hong Kong who was on a goodwill visit to HKJJA. We shared information on the jewellery market.

During the visit to the Chongxin Industry Park by the Hong Kong delegation in August, other than interviewing the Chongxin jewellery Association and jewellery laboratory, also meeting the retailers.

HKJJA sponsored a Po Leung Kuk activity for the mentally disabled at 88 Kwun Tong Workshop, and co-organized Ngong Ping Tour on 11 November.

HKJJA was invited by the Education Bureau to be a partner organization of School Business Partnership Programme in September, the start of school year. The association also extended the project to all secondary schools. Along with “Adopt-A-School” Project – Jewellery Business Pioneer Practical Course, 20 schools were benefited.

The AASP Volunteer Team won Gold Award for Voluntary Work, an award presented by Social Bureau.

HKJJA continued to be granted the logo ‘Better World Company’ by Junior Chamber International Hong Kong.

The HKJJA Exhibition Services Limited was established on 3rd November solely for handling the HK METS (Machinery, Equipment, Technology & Supplies in Jewellery & Watch Industry Exhibition) matters.

2015  (Jan – Apr)

Mr. Benedict Sin was again elected Chairman for the 32nd ( 2014-2016 tenure ) while Mr. King Li the President and Mr. Billy Lau the Hon. Chairman & Director; Mr. Charles Chan the Permanent Honorary President.

The Inauguration Ceremony for the 32rd (2014-2016) Board of Directors was officiated by Ms. Cherry Ling, JP, Permanent Secretary for Food & Health Bureau on 13th February at the Shangrila Hotel, Kowloon.

Joining hands with several partner associations in the jewellery industry, HKJJA convened 172 athletes to participate at the SMEs Chairman Cup Charity Marathon held by Standard Chartered on 20 February, and won two champion titles, Highest Team Participation and Highest Team Donation, three years in a row.

Hong Kong Pavilion at Vicenzaoro moved back to the main exhibition hall in January.

The Hong Kong Pavilion at Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show between 29 January & 1 February was first co-organized with JOGS .

Exhibitors were organized to participate in the first Vicenzaoro Dubai Jewellery Exhibition between 23-26 April cooperated by the Dubai International Jewellery Exhibition and the Vicenzaoro Jewelry Exhibition.

HKJJA bought a natural diamond selector DS3000 at Hung Hom office, and entitled members to enjoy a free trial on CVD synthetic diamonds.

HKJJA once again sponsored the Po Leung Kuk activity of the mentally disabled at 88 Kwun Tong Workshop, and hosted a ‘poon choi’ dinner on 13 January.

The 2nd METS is to be launched between 24-27 June, 2015 at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre.

In April 2015, the association joined the Responsible Jewellery Council, a non-profit organization of standards setting and certifications. HKJJA joined as a Trade Association member to help promote trust in the global fine jewellery and watch industry.

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